Adidas Metalbone HRD 3.2 NIEUW 2023

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Customise your racket and adapt it to the type of game you want to play in each match. The WEIGHT AND BALANCE SYSTEM technology is based on a system of screws of different weights on the bridge of the racket, with which its balance can be modified. If the weights are left on, the balance of the Metalbone will be in the lower-middle part of the racquet, which provides greater control. If the screws are removed, the weight is reduced, which raises the balance and directs the racket more to the attack.


The OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE technology is located in the frame and heart of the racket. An eight-corner carbon tube reinforces the Metalbone structure to provide greater rigidity and resistance to torsion. This gives your game more power and a consistent feel like no other, ideal for more aggressive players.


The OCTAGONAL SPIN BLADE technology is a relief integrated into the two faces of the racket. Its purpose is to provide a better sensation of contact and help you be more effective on your hits.



Do you want more power in your shots? Then the new METALBONE HRD 3.2 is your racquet. It contains the same technology the METALBONE 3.2 but with one key difference – the inclusion of the harder and more compact HIGH MEMORY EVA rubber inside. Because of this feature, along with the 2-1 ALUMINISED CARBON surface, when you are playing you array of shots, you’ll notice a difference in power. However, this racquet isn’t just about power. It also features many of the other technologies that make Metalbone racquets a popular choice. The OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE frame technology increases the racquet’s structural rigidity, making it firmer. Embedded withing the face of the racquet, the SPIN BLADE system provides even greater control of your shots, while the WEIGHT AND BALANCE SYSTEM technology can be used to customise the balance with the removable weight system in the heart of the racquet. With so much technology and so many options to personalise the racquet to suit your game, it is no surprise that this is the racquet chosen by Ale Galán, the number one player in the world.




  Diamond Oversize

  TOP (285MM)

  345-360 (0+12)

  485 cm2

  455 mm

  38 mm

  3M Metalbone

  Eva High Memory

  Carbon Aluminized 2 T0 1

 Octagonal Structure

 Spin Blade Octagonal

 Smart Holes Curve

 Structural Reinforcement

 Weight & Balance System





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